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Sörnäinen: 48
Koivuhaka: 13
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Material code: 8049013
EAN code: 7394376616020
Sales unit:
Contains: 1.0 
Country of origin: Sweden
Manufacturer: OATLY EMEA AB
Manufacturer Address: STORA VARVSGATAN 6 A, 21119, MALMÖ, SE
Manufacturer code: 61602

Unit conversions
 =  1.0   EAN code: 7394376616020
1 PAL  =  1536.0   EAN code: 37394376616021
1 Crate  =  6.0   EAN code: 27394376616024
Carbohydrates amount:
Carbohyd. of which sug. amount:
Saturated fat acids amount:
Fat amount:
Salt amount:
Protein amount:
Energy content kJ:
Energy content kCal:
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Product details
Tuotehakuominaisuudet milk-free
own imports
Allergenics GO oat and oat products (glute
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates amount 9
Carbohydrates unit Gram
Carbohydrates of which sug. Carbohydrates of which sug.
Carbohyd. of which sug. amount 4
Carbohyd. of which sug. unit Gram
Fat of which satura. fat acids Fat of which satura. fat acids
Saturated fat acids amount 6
Saturated fat acids unit Gram
Fat Fat
Fat amount 15
Fat unit Gram
Salt Salt
Salt amount 0.01
Salt unit Gram
Protein Protein
Protein amount 1
Protein unit Gram
Energy content kJ 735
Energy content kCal 175.55
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