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8040223 - CALVO 160/104G WATER TUNA

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Sörnäinen: 117
Koivuhaka: 301
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Material code: 8040223
EAN code: 8410090031549
Sales unit:
Contains: 1.0 
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer: ALFMIX OY
Manufacturer Address: KELLOKUKANTIE 1, null, null, FI
Manufacturer code: 179030

Unit conversions
 =  1.0   EAN code: 8410090031549
1 Crate  =  24.0   EAN code: 80000000009924
Content of salt in %:
Content of Fat in %:
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Product details
Content of salt in % 0.6
Content of Fat in % 0.8
Allergenics AF Fish and derivatives
We update the product information constantly. However, we recommend that you always check the ingredients on the sales package.