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Material code: 400630
EAN code: 6412500075503
Sales unit: Bag
Contains: 1.0 Bag
Country of origin: Finland
Manufacturer code:

Unit conversions
1 Crate  =  14.0 Bag  EAN code: 6412501075502
1 Bag  =  1.0 Bag  EAN code: 6412500075503
Carbohydrates amount:
Carbohyd. of which sug. amount:
Saturated fat acids amount:
Fat amount:
Protein amount:
Energy content kJ:
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Product details
Tuotehakuominaisuudet alcohol-free
incl. milk protein
Allergenics NC cocoa and derivatives
NM corn and derivatives
UW wheat and derivatives
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates amount 76
Carbohydrates unit Gram
Carbohydrates of which sug. Carbohydrates of which sug.
Carbohyd. of which sug. amount 53
Carbohyd. of which sug. unit Gram
Fat of which satura. fat acids Fat of which satura. fat acids
Saturated fat acids amount 4.5
Saturated fat acids unit Gram
Fat Fat
Fat amount 6.1
Fat unit Gram
Protein Protein
Protein amount 2.8
Protein unit Gram
Energy content kJ 1584
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