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Herkkumaa's delicious cucumber salads in new, convenient packages

Herkkumaa's delicious cucumber salads in new, convenient packages

Herkkumaa's mustard and cucumber salads are available in GN sized, environmentally friendly and easily recyclable packaging!

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Added  Jan 16, 2023  in category  Huom!

Herkkumaa's mustard and cucumber salads are available in GN sized, environmentally friendly and easily recyclable packaging!

The film packaging is designed for, among other things, grills and lunch restaurants. It saves storage space, is significantly lighter than a tin can and is sized for a 1/16 GN container. One foil package = one GN container of cucumber salad.

Check out the products:

Herkkumaa cucumber salad

The delicious cucumber salad works great as a side dish for barbecue and lunch dishes. Paprika and onion perfectly complement the nutritious cucumber salad, which also tastes good on its own.

Herkkumaa mustard cucumber salad

Herkkumaa's mustard cucumber salad is suitable for both Street Food dishes and the lunch table. Mustard brings a pleasant spiciness to the cucumber salad.

Text: Herkkumaa

Our phone numbers changed at the beginning of 2023

Our phone numbers changed at the beginning of 2023

Our customer service phone numbers changed at the beginning of 2023. Check the new phone numbers here.

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Added  Jan 1, 2023  in category  Huom!

We offer you options to place orders through different channels, and we at Aimot are always there to help you in all stages of your shopping, no matter which way you want to place the order.


Our customer service phone number changed at the beginning of 2023. Below are the new numbers, please collect these. The old numbers still work side by side for the time being, but will be phased out in the near future.

Customer support

•  Phone number: 010 381 7600

•  Email:

•  Service hours on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m

Customer support will help you with all your questions regarding your orders that are in delivery. For example, you can inquire about the course of delivery or complain about your order.


Customer Register

•  Phone number: 010 381 7695

•  Email:

•  Service hours on weekdays from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m

Customer register will help you in all matters related to your customership. You can inquire from them, e.g. name and address changes, changes in e-invoicing addresses, issues related to wholesale cards or processing alcohol and tobacco permits.


Online store user support

•  Phone number: 010 381 7670

•  Email:

•  Online chat

•  Service hours on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m

You can ask Valio Aimo e-commerce experts for e.g. user IDs, product availability, use of order forms or online payment matters. Please always state your customer number when contacting us.


Sales service

The sales service's contact information remains unchanged:

•  Phone number: 010 381 190

•  Email:

•  Service hours on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m

Sale service always helps in placing orders and accepts orders from you by phone or e-mail. We are also happy to help you choose a suitable product. We are here for you.


Cash and Carry Outlets


•  Phone number: 010 381 7645

•  Vanha talvitie 2, 00580 Helsinki



•  Phone number: 010 381 7696

•  Niittytie 12, 01510 Vantaa


Fruits and Vegetables - Weekly info (week 4)

Fruits and Vegetables - Weekly info (week 4)

 Fruits and Vegetables - Weekly info (week 4)

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Added  Jan 23, 2023  in category  Hevi info

Tammikuu lähestyy loppuaan ja voimme iloksemme todeta, että veriappelsiinissa 3111 VERIAPPELSIINI ITALIA, kausi parhaimmillaan! Makean kirpeä maultaan, hedelmäliha väriltään oranssista tummanpunaiseen, joko olet kokeillut?


Tällä viikolla saatavuushaasteita ilmenee valitettavasti näiden tuotteiden osalta:




Tällä viikolla nämä tuotenumerot avautuvat varastotuotteiksi:





Nämä tuotenumerot valitettavasti sulkeutuvat:




Kausi vaihtuu:

3110 KLEMENTIINI BRUNO ESPANJA kausi loppu ja siirrymme seuraavaksi mandariinin satoon  3102 MANDARIINI NADORCOTT ESPANJA.


Uusia tuotteita valikoimassamme:



Järvikylä – Vihreämmän lautasen puolesta jo 35 vuotta!

Järvikylän tuotteet kasvatetaan Järvikylän kartanolla Joroisissa. Istutustiimi istuttaa päivässä noin 80 000 tainta. Kylvöstä sadonkorjuuseen kuluu 3-7 viikkoa tuotteesta ja vuodenajasta riippuen. Kasvihuoneella vallitsee oma ja tehokkaasti toimiva ekosysteemi. Kaikki tuotteet viljellään vesiviljelynä suljetussa kierrossa eikä ravinteita näin ollen pääse ympäröivään luontoon, tuholaishyönteisten torjunta perustuu biologiseen torjuntaan. Kaikki tuotteet pakataan käsin, yksi kerrallaan. Järvikylän tuotteiden parissa työskentelee kaikkiaan 140 henkeä.

Valentine´s Day is coming

Valentine´s Day is coming

Valentine's Day is approaching - we gathered seasonal products together for you.

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Added  Jan 4, 2023  in category  Current

The year has changed and new seasons are coming; the most important is obviously Valentine´s Day which is spent with the loved ones!

Below we have listed the most delicious coffees for Valentine´s Day that you can ensure an unforgettable Valentine´s Day coffee break for your customers.

You can find the Valentine´s Day coffees from here

Happy Valentine´s Day!


Valio Aimo® seasonal products (September-January)

Valio Aimo® seasonal products (September-January)

In food, the fall season is both everyday and festive time. We have the best ingredients and products for both!

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Added  Sep 9, 2022  in category  Current

In food, the fall season is both everyday and festive time. We have the best ingredients and products for both!

Getting back to work and everyday life means more demand for lunches and snacks. For lunch and other dishes, you can find, for example, multipurpose cold-smoked ham chips, lentil-carrot mix and veggie nuggets in our selections. Customers can now taste warming, comfort food-like dishes, such as chicken-blue cheese-pumpkin casserole and Yako Udon noodles.

This fall, it's worth putting the equally tasty and versatile striped, yellow and white beets in the spotlight alongside beetroot, for example in hearty soup or Christmas treats. Calzones, smoothies, ginger hots and protein curds are suitable for customers' snack cravings. As sweet delicacies of the season, we recommend apple-rum raisin bowls and lingonberry curd cake. As the holiday season approaches at the end of the year, it's a good idea to update your glass stocks. Discover the stylish Nexo glasses. Don't forget mulled wine, pastries and small salty snacks, such as chipotle falafels and blue cheese bites.

Check out the seasonal products:










Try our Click & Collect service

Try our Click & Collect service

Welcome to using Heinon Tukku's new Click & Collect 24/7 service! You can now order products from our webshop and collect your order at Tukkutori in Helsinki.

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Added  Apr 20, 2021  in category  Current

Welcome to using Valio Aimo® Click & Collect 24/7 -service!

An entirely new service in the wholesales sector shall be launched in the spring of 2021 at Helsinki Tukkutori. The new Click & Collect service is available to all business customers, and its use does not require Valio Aimo® membership. The first collection point is located at Helsinki Tukkutori, at the corner of Valio Aimo® Cash & Carry outlet.



The online store shows the entire Valio Aimo® Cash & Carry outlet range, and the Click & Collect products have been marked with a separate icon. You can only order Click & Collect products to the collection points. Other products can be purchased directly from the Cash & Carry outlet.


You can add both refrigerated and frozen products to your order because our collection cupboards are set to three different temperatures. The Order & Collect selection does not include alcohol or tobacco products.


Customer information

You can order products for your company without registering. The use of the Click & Collect service does not require companies to be Valio Aimo® members. You only need to provide your company’s details and a valid business ID for your order.


As a registered Valio Aimo® customer, you can view your company's contractual prices, and you can create your own order templates as well as lists of your favourite products. If your company is a long-term member, you can also order products on an invoice.


Please contact Valio Aimo® customer care or tel. 010 381 7670, if

  a. you have forgotten your company’s credentials.

  b. your company only has a membership to Valio Aimo® wholesale delivery unit.


Order and payment

Add your selected Click & Collect products in the shopping cart and select an available collection time that best suits you, which the online store automatically suggests. Orders can be made for the same or following day. Possible collection times are available around the clock: at 8.15 am - 12 pm / 12.15 pm - 4 pm / 4.15 pm - 8 pm / 8.15 pm - 10 pm / 10.15 pm - 8 am. If a collection time is not available, the collection boxes are unfortunately fully booked.


You can choose a credit card (Visa / Master), MobilePay, online bank transfer or invoice (for registered long-term Valio Aimo® customers) for the payment method. A +10 % deposit of the order's total value is added to the payment. The excess deposit is refunded when the order has been collected.


After making an order, you will receive an order confirmation by email or SMS. As a registered customer, the order confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your credentials. More information about your credentials is provided by the online store's user support: / tel. 020 717 0020 The order can no longer be changed after confirmation. 



You will receive an SMS when your order is being processed. If any product is no longer available during processing, this will be deducted from your invoice. In other words, you only pay for what is delivered to you.


If, as a registered customer, you make a second order with the same Valio Aimo® customer number and same collection time, we will combine everything for the same collection.


You will receive an SMS when your order is transferred to the collection cupboard. In addition to this, you will receive a separate message with the code that will allow you to collect the products. If the collection cupboards are full, the order can also be collected from the Cash & Carry outlet's information desk during opening hours. Observe the instructions provided in your message, and you will find the correct collection point.


When you collect your order, drive your car directly in front of the collection point at the corner of the Cash & Carry outlet. The collection point is accessed from the outdoors. There are trolleys available, which allow you to move your order from the collection cupboard to your vehicle. The entrance door of the collection point is opened with the code you received in a separate message. Once you enter the collection point, please enter the code you received in the terminal, and you will be provided with further instructions about the cupboard that has your order.


You will find a waybill and receipt with your products. 


Save time and order your products from Valio Aimo® web shop!

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Pikaiset-campaigns in January

Pikaiset-campaigns in January

In January, we offer plenty of interesting promotional items. Take a look at the offers, make your shopping list and come to the Cash and Carry outlet.

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Added  Jan 1, 2023  in category  Current

In January, we offer plenty of interesting promotional items. 


Check out the offers below, make your shopping list ready and come shopping to the Cash and Carry outlets.

You can also read the campaign letter here.










Valio Aimo magazine 1/2022

Valio Aimo magazine 1/2022

Pieces of two magazines (Voila and Lautaselle) became the current magazine, which is full of inspiring ideas, advice, products and recipes for the season.

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Added  Oct 18, 2022  in category  Newspapers

Valio Aimo -magazine is here!

Pieces of two magazines (Voila and Lautaselle) became the current magazine, which is full of inspiring ideas, advice, products and recipes for the season. It presents interesting phenomena and successes in the field, visits restaurants and professional kitchens, and shares the best lessons from professionals and tips for using products.

Read the first magazine and learn new things;

• how to speed up your Christmas season with the Christmas concept that is best for your customers

• bakery Rosten's lessons for product development and national distribution

• Compass Group Culinary Team Finland's tips for a cost-effective buffet

• what's new and interesting for W-restaurants restaurant Gaijin and

• how do you bake next winter's hit, the rye croissant!

Read the magazine here!