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Try our Click & Collect service

Try our Click & Collect service

Welcome to using Heinon Tukku's new Click & Collect 24/7 service! You can now order products from our webshop and collect your order at Tukkutori in Helsinki.

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Added  Apr 20, 2021  in category  Current

Welcome to using Valio Aimo® Click & Collect 24/7 -service!

An entirely new service in the wholesales sector shall be launched in the spring of 2021 at Helsinki Tukkutori. The new Click & Collect service is available to all business customers, and its use does not require Valio Aimo® membership. The first collection point is located at Helsinki Tukkutori, at the corner of Valio Aimo® Cash & Carry outlet.



The online store shows the entire Valio Aimo® Cash & Carry outlet range, and the Click & Collect products have been marked with a separate icon. You can only order Click & Collect products to the collection points. Other products can be purchased directly from the Cash & Carry outlet.


You can add both refrigerated and frozen products to your order because our collection cupboards are set to three different temperatures. The Order & Collect selection does not include alcohol or tobacco products.


Customer information

You can order products for your company without registering. The use of the Click & Collect service does not require companies to be Valio Aimo® members. You only need to provide your company’s details and a valid business ID for your order.


As a registered Valio Aimo® customer, you can view your company's contractual prices, and you can create your own order templates as well as lists of your favourite products. If your company is a long-term member, you can also order products on an invoice.


Please contact Valio Aimo® customer care or tel. 010 381 7670, if

  a. you have forgotten your company’s credentials.

  b. your company only has a membership to Valio Aimo® wholesale delivery unit.


Order and payment

Add your selected Click & Collect products in the shopping cart and select an available collection time that best suits you, which the online store automatically suggests. Orders can be made for the same or following day. Possible collection times are available around the clock: at 8.15 am - 12 pm / 12.15 pm - 4 pm / 4.15 pm - 8 pm / 8.15 pm - 10 pm / 10.15 pm - 8 am. If a collection time is not available, the collection boxes are unfortunately fully booked.


You can choose a credit card (Visa / Master), MobilePay, online bank transfer or invoice (for registered long-term Valio Aimo® customers) for the payment method. A +10 % deposit of the order's total value is added to the payment. The excess deposit is refunded when the order has been collected.


After making an order, you will receive an order confirmation by email or SMS. As a registered customer, the order confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your credentials. More information about your credentials is provided by the online store's user support: / tel. 020 717 0020 The order can no longer be changed after confirmation. 



You will receive an SMS when your order is being processed. If any product is no longer available during processing, this will be deducted from your invoice. In other words, you only pay for what is delivered to you.


If, as a registered customer, you make a second order with the same Valio Aimo® customer number and same collection time, we will combine everything for the same collection.


You will receive an SMS when your order is transferred to the collection cupboard. In addition to this, you will receive a separate message with the code that will allow you to collect the products. If the collection cupboards are full, the order can also be collected from the Cash & Carry outlet's information desk during opening hours. Observe the instructions provided in your message, and you will find the correct collection point.


When you collect your order, drive your car directly in front of the collection point at the corner of the Cash & Carry outlet. The collection point is accessed from the outdoors. There are trolleys available, which allow you to move your order from the collection cupboard to your vehicle. The entrance door of the collection point is opened with the code you received in a separate message. Once you enter the collection point, please enter the code you received in the terminal, and you will be provided with further instructions about the cupboard that has your order.


You will find a waybill and receipt with your products. 


Save time and order your products from Valio Aimo® web shop!

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Ingredients for tasty vegetarian food

Ingredients for tasty vegetarian food

The demand for vegetarian dishes is constantly increasing, and it is worth offering a variety of different options at lunch.

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Added  Sep 29, 2023  in category  Current

The demand for vegetarian dishes is constantly increasing, and it is worth offering a variety of different options at lunch.

Preparing delicious vegetarian dishes is quite effortless, and that's why we collected products suitable for its preparation in one list for you. Easily choose the most suitable components for your lunch from the lists below and dazzle your customers with vegetarian food.

Ps. For preparing vegetarian dishes it’s also worth checking out our recipe bank for inspiration.

Tukustu -campaigns in March

Tukustu -campaigns in March

Every month we offer campaign products suitable for the season. Get to know March's delicious campaign products and order the products that suit your needs right away.

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Added  Feb 28, 2024  in category  Current

Every month we offer campaign products suitable for the season. Get to know March's delicious campaign products and order the products that suit your needs right away.









Valio Aimo® webshop is renewed

Valio Aimo® webshop is renewed

Our new webshop will be available for all customers in the spring of 2024.

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Added  Jan 22, 2024  in category  Hevi info

The new Valio Aimo® online store will open in the coming months, and at the same time the current online store will be closed. You will soon receive instructions on how to use the new online store in an email.


We have been building a new webshop for a long time, the goal of which is to make your working life as smooth as possible. Now, in the spring of 2024, the new webshop will be available to our customers.

The username of the current online store that you are using now will not work in the new store. As a user of our current webshop, you will receive a username for the new webshop by email between January and March. The username is sent to the e-mail registered to the current online store. The email comes from and the sender's name is Valio Aimo.

In the email you will find instructions on how to create a password for the new online store. Once the password has been created, you can directly place orders in the new online store. All your information can be found in the new online store, as well as order history and order templates. Please note, however, that if you edit the order forms in the old online store after receiving the message, the edits will not be updated in the new online store.

The current online store will be closed soon. We therefore recommend that you switch to using the new online store as soon as you receive the invitation message. When you place an order in the new online store within two weeks of receiving the invitation, you will participate in the draw for the work well-being day. The raffle rules can be found at

If you have any questions, you can contact our online shop support at You can find more information about the new online store at


Kind Regards,


Seasonal Products magazine: The best flavours of Spring

Seasonal Products magazine: The best flavours of Spring

The autumn seasonal products magazine brings the flavors of the forest, the best ingredients for harvesting and festive classics that inspire nostalgia.

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Added  Feb 2, 2024  in category  Current

Spring is a food festival! In our seasonal products magazine, you will find new, tantalizing recipes and tips for serving beloved classics.

Early spring is the time for lighter choices and nostalgic lunch options. The season also invites you to feast in honor of many traditional holidays.

It's worth investing in Easter, the biggest food festival of the spring! Customers can like Easter classics, with for example lamb meatballs but also the nuanced flavors of the Middle East.

Green and white asparagus are the most anticipated seasonal delicacies of spring. Stick to the classic flavor pairings, but try new shapes like mousse and galette.

Various snacks, sausage dishes, hamburgers, small sweets and sparkling drinks are the perennial hits of Vapu. This is where the terrace season begins!

At Mother's Day brunch or lunch, customers will be delighted by sweet and savory delicacies bursting with herbs, edible flowers and fresh berries. The prettier, the better it sells!

P.S. Have you noticed that we have renewed our Seasonal Products magazine and divided the products and related recipes and tips by season to make it easier for you to get inspired and find what you are looking for? The magazine's products have been compiled by season below, to make your work easier - welcome to familiarize yourself with the products and the renewed Seasonal Products magazine!

Salad table products

Salad table products

We Aimos collected the products suitable for the salad table in one list for you. You can easily choose the right components for your lunch and dazzle your customers with a lunch salad.

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Added  Sep 29, 2023  in category  Current

There are plenty of options for your salad table, and that's why we at Aimot collected suitable products ready for you. Choose the components suitable for your lunch from the lists below and dazzle your customers with a delicious and colourful lunch salad!

Put together a versatile and fresh salad table for lunch without wasting any ingredients. You should include salad, grated cheese, fruit, cheese and a variety of carbohydrates and protein. The whole beauty is of course crowned with good sauces, pastes and seeds. It is easy to remember seasonal thinking at the salad table. You can put the best vegetables and fruits of the season on offer. You shouldn't skimp on presentation, so play with colours and have fun!

Click & Collects shops are renewed

Click & Collects shops are renewed

Click & Collect store in Sörnäinen has been renovated during the fall of 2023. Have you already visited the renewed store? Renovation will be done at our Click & Collect store in Koivuhaka, during the end of 2023.

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Added  Nov 1, 2023  in category  Current

Valio Aimo Click & Collect stores are being renewed to facilitate the needs of busy shoppers. Signposts are significantly added to make it even easier for you to find the products you are looking for. And we at Aimos are of course always there when you have questions.


Click & Collect store in Sörnäinen has been renovated during the fall of 2023. Have you already visited the renewed store? Renovation will be done at our Click & Collect store in Koivuhaka, during the end of 2023. The renovation will be carried out gradually, and it will not cause disruptions to business at our Click & Collect store.


You can easily get everything from fast food to a professional kitchen - in one visit, under the same roof.


See you in our Click & Collect stores!

Roman flat pizza products

Roman flat pizza products

The secret of the Roman flat pizza, pizza al taglio, lies in its simplicity. See the comprehensive products for making flat pizza.

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Added  Jan 17, 2024  in category  Current

The secret of the Roman flat pizza, pizza al taglio, lies in its simplicity. The base of the flat pizza can be prepared in a GN pan and at the same time you should prepare pizza Rossa with a tomato sauce base and white pizza bianca.

You can tune the flavor combinations of the flat pizza to your liking. You will quickly learn which flavors attract your customers, they can be cold or warm. Get to know the raw materials and choose the ones that suit your concept from our ever-growing selection:

Ps. See more ideas and recipes on our website

Valio Aimo newspaper 4/2023

Valio Aimo newspaper 4/2023

Valio Aimo® publishes its own magazine, which is full of interesting and current topics for industry professionals.

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Added  Aug 11, 2023  in category  Newspapers

The Valio Aimo magazine is published four times a year and is full of inspiring seasonal ideas, tips, products and recipes. It presents interesting phenomena and successes in the field, visits restaurants and professional kitchens, and shares the best lessons from professionals and tips for using products. I hope you like it and like it!


Joy in the midst of darkness - the new Valio Aimo magazine has been published!

The new Valio Aimo magazine 04/2023 is a full package of tips and inspiration. The cover story is about good school food in honor of the 75th anniversary of school meals. Sari Haverinen and Miia Kakko from Päijät-Hämeen Ateriapalvelut tell you how they offer responsible, healthy and tasty food within the framework of a tight budget.


We also talk about restaurant Factory, which has grown into a lunch restaurant chain of 19 restaurants and is constantly innovating. We advise you how you can revolutionize lunch by mising. Get a handy guide to plant proteins and wow your customers with vegan Asian flavors.


You'll also get a peek of Stockholm's restaurant trends and hear the secret to the success of Pulla-Pirtti, a family bakery from Oulu. Also take a look at the tips of young top chefs Suvi Mantsinen and Pyry Taipale for using fresh cheese and butter!

New Aimo flour mixes

New Aimo flour mixes

The new Aimo flour mixes have up to 10 ingredients in the same package. Get to know new products and boost your operations with ready-made flour mixes.

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Added  Feb 14, 2023  in category  New products

With Aimo flour mixes, you can effortlessly create both savory and sweet pastries. The products are an excellent help both in a bakery and in a small restaurant. High-quality Aimo flour mixes are only available through Valio Aimo®!


A ready-to-use solution

We have taken care of product development, ideation and testing for you. These flour mixes contain up to ten ingredients in the same package. The mixtures have all been carefully selected and tested, so you don't have to think about how the different ingredients behave together - this is a uniform whole!


With ready-made mixes, you also don't needlessly increase your stock with several different flours, and you don't have to test their correct ratio yourself. It's even more clear that in a labor shortage you need all the help you can to make your operations more efficient, and that's what we at Aimot want to help you with. By using these flour mixes, you don't have to compromise on quality, but you can make several different artisan-type products from one package.


8084332 Aimo 10kg dark bread mix

• A wholemeal mixture containing plenty of different seeds and malt.

• Just add water and yeast.


8084304 Aimo 10kg cakemix

• Lactose-free wholemeal mixture, e.g. for baking cupcakes, pies and muffins.

• Just add water, butter and oil.


8084303 Aimo 10kg coffee bread mix

• All-purpose flour mix designed for baking buns and doughnuts, which makes soft pastries that stay soft for a long time really easy. The coffee bread mix makes products that are soft in their characteristics and superior in their sense of freshness, and you can also bake vegan products with it.

• Just add water, yeast and butter/oil.


8084409 Aimo 10kg kauraleipämix


8084444 Aimo 10kg siemenleipämix